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How is Stonegate Custom Homes different than other builders?
I have taken my unique combination of education and 24 years of experience and created a custom home building process like no other.  All plans are created “in house” and are included in the sale price of the home.  I personally work with each buyer to design, bid, build and service each home, so you have the benefit of all that education & experience working on your home everyday.    

 Could I see other homes that Stonegate Custom Homes has built, or talk to past customers?

Absolutely, In addition to my available spec homes, many of my past customers have offered to be a reference for Stonegate Custom Homes, Inc. and several have proudly showed their homes to prospective buyers.

 Where does Stonegate Custom Homes build?
I currently have lots and spec homes available in Huntington Ridge, and Greenhill Village in Cedar Falls.  However; I have also completed custom home projects in Cedar Rapids, Marion, Robins, Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, Hudson, Dike and Morning Sun.  I can purchase lots in almost any area that the buyer prefers.

 Isn’t a custom home more expensive?
A custom home doesn’t necessarily have to be any more expensive than a production home.  Since the specifications are created by the buyer, if modest products and finishes are acceptable, then the price will reflect that.  Stonegate Custom Homes, Inc. can design and build a custom home to fit almost any budget.

 What are Stonegate’s standard features?
At Stonegate Custom Homes, Inc. we don’t have “standard features” we have “Custom Specifications” and the best thing is that they are YOUR custom specifications.  I certainly have a building style and products that I recommend, such as 2x6 exterior walls, and textured shingles, but ultimately the decision is yours.

Is there a warranty on the home?
Stonegate Custom Homes, Inc. includes an industry standard one year warranty and transfers all manufacturers’ warranties that are more than one year.  I personally handle all warranty requests which mean that the people who built your home are the people that will attend to any concerns in your home.  No third party companies are used. 

 How long will the construction process take?
Generally to 5 months from the start of construction activities, depending on the size of the home and time of year.

What do I need to do first?
First we discuss and create a house plan.  I create all my own blueprints and can usually have a preliminary plan drawn within 2 days.  After the plan is ready, we create a set of custom specifications for the home.  Upon completion of any final changes, I can have it bid out and a contract price returned to you within two weeks. 

How do I choose a house plan?
I create and produce all of my own house plans.  The cost of the design and CAD work are included in the price of the home.  We can start from scratch and design a plan specifically for you, select from an existing Stonegate design or use a blueprint you may already have.

How can I keep the cost of the home within my budget?
After the bids are in, any necessary adjustments in the design, specifications or allowances can be made and reviewed to keep the home at a price you are comfortable with.

 What is an allowance?

I price the home based on your specifications so it can be built without extra costs.  But in the areas that can be adjusted by the customer when they make their final color selections such as carpeting, tile, cabinets, light fixtures, etc. I use the budget amount to create an allowance. Some builders will use an arbitrary amount for allowances which may create a lower price, but I feel this sets the buyer up for surprise extra costs.

 I am concerned about surprise extras.
So am I!   All requested changes are priced and approved by the buyer before the work begins. I keep a running Change Order Master that continually tracks the changes and reflects the itemized expense or credit to the total cost of the home.  There will be no surprise extras.

 What if I want to make changes along the way?
Changes are handled in a positive manner; it’s your home and I want you to be satisfied with it.  I will carefully explain all of the ramifications and cost of the change, and if that is what you choose, we will move forward with it.  Stonegate Custom Homes does not have a minimum change order fee like some other builders.

 What if I already own the lot?
Typically Stonegate Custom Homes, Inc. purchases the lot for the customer as part of the entire project.  However; If the buyer owns the lot, they would provide the construction financing and the contract with Stonegate is written as a management contract.  Contracts can also be set up on a “cost plus” basis.

How is the construction financing arranged?
Stonegate Custom Homes, Inc. has secured financing from several banks.  We fully fund the construction costs including the lot purchase.  In most circumstances the buyers needs only to provide an earnest deposit to the real estate company and a letter of mortgage approval.


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