Are you getting ready to do a major upgrade and renovation in your kitchen? A kitchen renovation requires a lot of planning and decisions, so make sure you’re prepared for that as you’re getting started. Here are a few choices you’ll need to make when designing your kitchen for your renovations.


First of all, you’ll need to decide how you would like your cabinets to look in your new kitchen. This will include anything from color to layout to quality and design. White cabinets have been all the rage in past years, but lately, bolder colors have been trendy. Consider pairing some white cabinets with other cabinets or built-in furniture in the shades of natural wood, a color pop, or black for a fashionable look. You should also consider if you want special storage features in your cabinets to help you to store appliances, dishes, and supplies. Make sure you research different types and styles of cabinets to find out which ones will work best for your space.


Another decision that you’ll have to make when you’re designing your kitchen is which countertops you want to use. You’ll need to decide which materials you’d like to use for your countertop. For example, granite and quartz are both durable options for countertops. You’ll also need to decide on which size of countertop you’d like to have, and if the countertop material will continue to your backsplash or island countertop as well. Make sure that you plan for enough countertop space according to your needs. If you’re often hosting big parties and need a lot of counter space for food preparation and display, keep that in mind.


Finally, make sure that you spend a good amount of time considering the layout of your kitchen. Open-concept layouts have been very popular over the past few years because they make the most out of your available space. Open-concept kitchens allow you to have an easy flow of traffic since you won’t have walls separating your kitchen and dining spaces. Even having a kitchen island (or two) won’t interrupt the openness of the kitchen space, and you’ll love how it feels.

So, if you’re trying to design your dream kitchen, make sure that you keep these things in mind. You’ll need to make a lot of choices including deciding what kind of cabinets, countertops, and layouts you’d like to incorporate. But spending time planning and making these decisions intentionally will help you to end up with a kitchen that you love.

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