When you decide to work with the best Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, Iowa custom home builders, you need to make sure that you fully understand all of the steps that they take in this process. It is also critical to realize that all of these professionals are licensed and trained to handle your needs. But what exactly does it mean for a builder to be licensed? Let’s take a look at the elements that Iowa-area builders need for their licensing, as well as sorting out a few confusing details that may throw you off when choosing a builder.

The Differences Between Certification, Registration, and Licensing

When you are researching custom home builders for your project, you may hear a lot of different terms that sound similar. For example, some builders may claim to have certifications and registrations but do not mention any licensing. Typically, just about every custom builder, you will hire will have licensing in Iowa because it is against the law to operate without one in most building circumstances.

Before examining these factors, though, it is a good idea for you to know what is meant by registration and certification and how these terms differ from licensing. Registration is just a record of who is working for you and is something that just about any builder can get. It doesn’t prove anything about the builder’s skills, and you may find yourself hiring a registered builder who isn’t up to snuff for our needs.

Certification is often a voluntary process that provides some proof of the qualification of a builder. In states where licenses aren’t required, a certificate may be available. Certifications can also take the place of a license in some states. However, a license involves passing various types of exams that prove a custom home builder is competent and capable of handling your building needs with ease.

The Licensing Requirements in Iowa

Custom home builders in Iowa go through very extensive licensing processes to ensure that they can handle your home building needs. Typically, this process requires registering with the Iowa Division of Labor if the worker plans on managing any projects that will earn them more than $2,000 every year.

Every person who works on a licensed squad needs to have licensing, certification or training to handle custom building. Most teams have at least one licensed builder and may have several others who have been certified or trained by these licensed professionals. A good squad consists of nothing but licensed builders and is a goal you should try to seek when choosing one.

This type of licensing must be updated at least every year to ensure that a building company is capable of handling the process. Thankfully, most updated licenses don’t require a lot of extensive testing but a few simple steps. However, those who have not been licensed for a while may need a new test – and further tests are necessary after several years, depending on the area.

Checking on Licensing from Each Squad

When you’re hiring custom home builders, it is good to research what types of licenses, certifications, and registrations they possess. Talk to them when you visit their shop and ask to see proof of their licensing. Most of the time, this license will hang on the wall to show that the business is proper. However, you may want to ask about how many people on the crew have a license, as well.

Some builders may be unwilling to share that information. Some may just be trying to protect the privacy of their workers, which is understandable. However, others may be trying to hide that they don’t have many licensed experts on the squad. Deciphering this situation often depends on your instincts – does the team seem legitimate, or is there something questionable about their skills?

You may be able to talk to some of the members of the crew to see what they have to say about their capabilities. Others may be less likely to speak to you. In this scenario, it is essential to talk to those who have worked with these custom home builders in the past. Doing so can help make it easier for you to understand your options and avoid any confusion that may be frustrating to manage.

We Can Help You

If you want licensed home builders in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who can handle your projects for you, please reach out to us at Stonegate Custom Homes right away to learn more. Our professionals have years of experience creating high-quality assignments that meet the needs of our many customers. We will sit down with you to examine the extent of your project and take steps to ensure that it meets your desires, such as creating a building plan appropriate for your area’s unique demands.

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