Everyone has their own dream home. When it comes to existing residential real estate, however, finding that home already in existence can seem almost impossible. For many, the best option is to have their own custom home built for them. Custom homes come with a pretty price tag though. What is it about these homes that make it so easy for them to get so pricey?


People spend a lot of private time in bathrooms. As such, it makes sense to want the bathrooms in your home to be nice. Of course, the different elements that make up your bathroom can add up quickly in terms of cost. There’s the flooring, the walls, the shower, the tub, the sink, counters, cabinetry, finishes, and mirrors to think about. As you plan your bathrooms, take the use and abuse you would expect the different surfaces in your bathroom to take when choosing materials. The best materials for bathroom countertops, for example, are going to be durable, abrasion and heat resistant, and stain-resistant.


Your kitchen is another area of your home where you are likely to spend a great deal of time. These days, people don’t just prepare food in the kitchen—they often eat there too. Because of the practical nature of this room, it needs to be laid out sensibly to create a good flow. It’s also important for the materials you use here to make sense. Countertops and floors should be durable and hold up well against exposure to water. Ideally, countertops should also be able to withstand heat. Also contributing to the high costs of a kitchen are the many appliances that are often found within. Buying an oven, stove, dishwasher, microwave, disposal, and refrigerator unit doesn’t come cheap. You can expect the price you pay to go up as you go up in quality in terms of both materials and appliances.


The roof is an essential part of your house. It plays a critical role in sheltering you, your belongings, and the rest of the house’s interior from the elements. There are a couple of things that go into the cost of a roof. One of those is the type of roof you choose to use for your home. Like so many other aspects of your home, the more durable and higher quality the material, the more expensive it’s likely to be. Some roof options are less expensive but can cost you later in repairs. The other factor that goes into the cost of a roof is the design of the roof itself. If it’s a fairly simple, straightforward roof, you can expect to pay less for it than one that has an irregular shape and is, therefore, more complex to construct.


Framing generally goes unseen, but you wouldn’t have much of a house without it. The framing of your home can be the most expensive individual component of your home. The bigger your home, the more it will cost. This makes sense since bigger homes require a lot more framing than smaller homes. Whether your home uses stick framing or timber framing will also make a difference, with timber framing being the more expensive of the two options. Finally, the cost of materials and labor will also impact how much you spend on framing alone. The cost of wood has gone up quite a lot in recent years, so you can expect to pay more for your framing materials now than you would have several years ago.

Major Systems

For your home to be comfortable to live in, you’re going to need your major utility systems put in place. Such systems include your HVAC, plumbing, electricity, septic, and gas systems. They’ll each have their own costs, and they can add up quickly. It’s important to note that a part of what you’re paying for is the expertise of the person doing the installation. You wouldn’t want a plumber installing your electricity, nor would you want an electrician handling your plumbing. One of the other things you’re paying for is how much work it takes to get these systems set up in your home. If your new custom home is being built out in the middle of nowhere, you should expect to pay more for the installation of major systems than you would if your home were being built in the suburbs.


Similarly, the location of your home is also one of the factors that impact the price of your home’s foundation. If your home is being built on a slope, it may cost you more to have your foundation put in than it would if the land were already flat. Make no mistake, this isn’t an area of your home you should ever skimp out on to save some cash. The foundation of your home is critical to its stability and structural integrity. The other major factor that impacts the cost of your foundation is the type of foundation that is put in. A foundation for a home with a basement is going to cost more than a slab foundation.


When you have a custom home built for you, you aren’t just buying the home that’s being built. You also have to purchase the land it’s being built on. There are plenty of things influencing the cost of land, from its location relative to key features within the community to its being in a certain city or state. Of course, the size of the plot will influence the cost as well.

Having your own custom home built for you can be a great way to make sure your home is exactly the way you want it. Of course, those desires come with a cost. Aspects of your home from your foundation to your roof, the kitchen to the bathroom, and the framing to the flooring are just some of the things that have a role to play in the final cost of your home. As you work to balance the costs, make a list of elements that are of the greatest priority to you so you know where else you can make compromises if needed.

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