With all of the world becoming more aware of the incoming climate crisis, each homeowner wants to be more careful of their own carbon footprint. It might seem, however, that there’s little you can do to stem the flow of fossil fuels. This is not the case! While you know that it is corporate entities who are responsible for the majority of the crisis, while you get a chance to discuss your desire with your congressional representatives, it’s also important to do your part. What can you do to have eco-friendly alternatives for your custom home?

Recycled Materials

There are a multitude of low waste and recycled materials which are now available for your home! From recycled cork flooring which is as luxurious and comfortable as it is eco-conscious to use, to “wood” flooring made from recycled paper, the available options for family homes are both sturdy and great for the environment. Even the materials you build out of, and the roofing you use can be recycled in novel and creative ways! Don’t worry- roofing shingles made from recycled diapers It can be an amazing opportunity to have both eco-materials incorporated into your home, but also that you can have beautiful, show-worthy materials which are sure to cause envious looks!

High-Performance Glass Windows

If you have an older home with inefficient windows, you already know the amount you can save by using windows which are high performance. Having the added insulation makes a huge difference! If you have a new build, making sure to include high performance windows will make a massive difference in your future electric bills. And because there are so many gorgeous options, your home can be both stylish and efficient! Consider if you have a lot of large, tall windows, using a reflective film which can also help protect your energy costs from getting too high.

Low-Flow Toilets and Showerheads

If you’re thinking of low flow toilets as being like those of decades past, or envisioning a low flow shower head as being weak with no pressure, you’ve not experienced the new options available to consumers in the US! Dual flush toilets with an option for liquid and another for solid waste give a chance to save more water for when it’s necessary. With beautiful showerheads which offer an efficient shower with great pressure and still less water, this is a great thing you can offer both your family and guests in your new home.

A Less Water-Intensive Backyard

Modern homeowners know that it’s far better to have a lawn which uses less water. Better yet, have less lawn to mow, and more space to do other things. You can transform your landscaping by laying mulch instead of worrying about a lawn. Likewise, both moss and clover never grow more than a few inches in height, and happily live off of little water. Imagine a beautiful and soft lawn without the necessity of mowing in the heat of summer!


Getting a compost bin isn’t just a novel way to learn a new skill during pandemic. If you intend some of your new lawn to become a garden, as many do, having fresh compost is a great way to keep food scraps out of landfills. There are great, small, hand turned bins which make composting a lot easier than in decades past. This means your compost takes less time to turn from bits of leftover vegetables, fruit, and grains, into fresh soil with volumes of nutrients. Not only will your earthworms in the garden be happier, your tomatoes next year will be delighted! Composting is a great way, too, of returning ingredients to the soil.


If you’re planning on doing things right, having a programmable modern thermostat is a great idea right off the bat. Having control over your own thermostat from your phone is really helpful! You can turn the heat down when you’re not home, and back up when you are. Even better, You’ve got a chance to program your thermostat so that it does exactly that, automatically. Saving money is great. But saving money automatically is magnificent! With digital, programmable thermostats offered nationally, you have many good chances for finding one which suits your and your family’s needs. Remember, setting your thermostat between 68 and 72 is the most efficient for energy conservation.

Duct, Duct….Use?

When it comes to your HVAC system, it might seem that this is standard to housing. Not so! The US government estimates that 20% of heat and cooling is lost within the duct system, by the system not being efficiently insulated. If you yourself have a choice while making a new build, insulate your new home more efficiently around the ducts. This can make sure that each is protected from energy loss, and can keep more of that air where you intend it to be—inside, protecting your family from the cold.

Your new home can blossom in fresh ways, both by using trending eco-materials, and also saving energy in the process! Insulate your ducts and attics to make sure your energy costs stay low. Include ideas for composting and lower maintenance lawns in your overall landscaping plan. Include products visibly in your home, which can both be trendy and conscious of the climate needs. Concentrate on using less water on your property, both by having a water conscious lawn and landscaping plan, but also by choosing low flow shower heads and toilets. There are a lot of things which are complicated about the world, and a great deal of complications surrounding climate change. There have to be more individuals which are working towards a solution, both on a macro and a micro level. But, if you are planning on building or remodeling, it’s important to be able to do whatever you can. As you continue in your preparation, consider doing whatever you can with what you have available in order to protect the Earth, both by communicating with your representatives, and on a small scale in your own decisions.

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