When your family is growing but you love your current home, it can be a difficult situation, and you want to make the best choice for your family. Most people in this situation are worried that they will need to move, but that doesn’t have to be your only option. In fact, you can actually find ways to add a new bedroom to your space so that you can accommodate your growing family without having to sacrifice the home you love.

Build an ADU

One great option in this situation is to think about building an ADU, or an accessory dwelling unit. These spaces are often called mother in law apartments and they can be in a basement, over a garage or even in the backyard. An ADU makes a great option if you have older children who could be accommodated in the new space or if you are looking to have adult family members move in with your family. An ADU is great because it keeps your family close but also gives everyone the space and privacy they need. You can also use your ADU for rental income when it is no longer needed for accommodating your family.

Convert Another Part of Your Home

If you aren’t quite ready for a totally separate living space, you can also take time to convert another part of your home into a bedroom. The best option for most people is usually their attic or their basement. However, attics can be expensive to renovate, so you’re probably better off using them for storage. This kind of renovation can be an easy way to create a new bedroom and keep your home working as well as it possibly can.

Build an Extension

If you have a decent amount of yard space, you can build your new bedroom by extending your current living space. This is generally done off the side or back of your home , but it could also be an upward edition if that makes more sense for your house. It can be expensive to build an extension, but it is an easier way to accommodate your family than moving somewhere new, especially when you love your home.

It’s important that everyone who lives in your home is as comfortable as they can be. And sometimes that means you need to add a few more bedrooms to make the space comfortable. All of these tactics can be reasonable and appealing ways to increase the number of bedrooms in your existing homes.

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