When you are building a custom home, the focus tends to stick with the interior of the actual home. However, making sure your backyard looks great and functions well is at least as important to your happiness in your home. It can be hard to know what to do with a backyard space, especially if you haven’t had one before, but it is worth the effort to get it done right. Here are a few tips that can help you to make sure your backyard is as wonderful as your new house is.

Add a Pergola

By adding a pergola to your backyard, you can extend your entertaining space and add interest to your outdoor area. You can design your pergola in many ways to make it suit your aesthetic and your needs. Another great thing about a pergola is that they can function well in a variety of situations. For example, a pergola can provide shade and privacy around a pool. It can also be a great addition to your fire pit area or your garden. With a pergola you make your space more comfortable and friendly to visitors all year long. And that’s a huge plus for any backyard space.

Hardscape Your Patio

Your patio is a major gathering space in your backyard, and it is important that it is as functional as possible for your needs. To make sure your patio works as well as possible you want to make sure that it is properly hardscaped. Having a hard surface to work with makes your patio much more usable and will help it to last longer. You can have it paved or filled with concrete or you can even use concrete blocks if that is a better fit for your needs and your style. In the end you just want a nice surface that makes it easy to host parties and hang out in your yard in a comfortable area.

Add Plants and Trees

The vegetation in your backyard is one of the best parts of any outdoor space. You want to choose vegetation that is suited to your climate, so you won’t have to do too much additional work to keep it alive. It is also a good idea to make sure that you keep your plants well pruned when needed. You should use plants and trees to add privacy and shade as well as beauty to your outdoor space. You can stick to just a couple of kinds of plants and trees or you can branch out to a wider variety if you want a more eclectic feel in your backyard. Either option can make for a beautiful space.

Build a Fence

Building a fence around your backyard immediately helps it to feel more private and secluded. It also ensures that your kids and their friends will be safer when they are outside in your backyard. Having a pet is another great addition to your backyard that makes a fence an important element. Chocolate labs are friendly and outgoing dogs that would love outdoor space. You can choose one of many kinds of fences that can all help you to add to the privacy and beauty of your space. If you have an HOA, you should check in to make sure your fence fits the regulations.

Choose Outdoor Furniture

It’s important that you furnish your backyard with comfortable seating that can handle the weather you have in your area. If you choose wood options or you experience regular hot or rainy weather, you may want to make sure that your outdoor furniture is under some sort of cover. You should also choose durable options that will continue to look great throughout the seasons. Some people want to bring indoor furniture outside, but that can be a recipe for disaster. However, you can find high quality outdoor furniture that is just as beautiful as what you have inside.

Plant a Garden

You can also make your backyard more beautiful and fun by planting a vegetable garden. There is something extra delicious about fruits and vegetables from a garden, so it is a great asset to your backyard. The first year you can go with something simple like a garden box with just a few plants. But as you get more comfortable with gardening , you can expand your garden and branch out into new plants. Gardening can also be a fun activity for your family to do together each year.

A Water Feature

Adding a water feature to your backyard can help it to become an even more amazing and comfortable space. From pools and hot tubs to fountains and streams, a water feature can bring your backyard to a new level and make it more fun for everyone. You should choose a water feature with a maintenance level you are comfortable with, that way you will have no problem keeping it looking and working great. You should also think about whether you have children and how to keep them safe with a water feature. If you can make those things happen, it will be great for your backyard.

Add Outdoor Games

By adding some fun games to your backyard , you can give your kids and yourself more to do when you are outside. Games like bocce ball can be fun for the whole family and they don’t take up much space to store. You can also set up giant Jenga or dominos to add even more fun to your space. Just make sure you have the space to play each game so that you don’t invest in a game that won’t really work for your family or your backyard.

Your backyard should be an extension of your home, so you should make sure it is a great place to be. From fun to beauty your outdoor space can be the perfect place to spend time with the people you love. And when you enjoy your backyard you will get even more out of your new home.

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