If you have a beautiful new home, you want to make sure your outdoor spaces are utilized! But, after having lived in an area with less space and green areas, it can be difficult to know where to start. You want your home to have functional areas and know that you’ll need the space to be useful. What do you need to begin to complete your backyard’s new look?

Create a Patio

You can use many implements to create a patio, from bricks, to paves, to patio concrete blocks. Think about the function and purpose you want your patio to have. Will you need a windbreak? How many people will be using the patio space? You have different needs if you want a breakfast nook than if you want a place to grill out or have a block party. Consider later needs for care as well. Consider using moss or low clover between stones in order to prevent the need of mowing.

Add Water Features

Water features are both beautiful and functional and can add a peaceful warmth to a garden space. You want to be thoughtful of what can help your water feature be a healthy ecosystem, however. Some water features can create breeding grounds for insects like mosquitoes. When creating a water feature, fountain, or small man-made pond, design fish into the mixture. Certain breeds, such as mosquito fish, eat larvae before they turn into extra mosquitoes in your yard! Help beneficial bugs to prosper as well.

Plant in Your Zone

Whatever plants you decide to use, it’s important to know your Zone for planting, and to consider low maintenance and low water needs. Work with native plants in order to promote a healthy planet! For example, if you have Zone 7 plants, but you live in Zone 3, you might have to work extra hard in order to make them survive. While this can be fun if you’ve got a greenhouse, it’s simpler to grow things which naturally want to grow in the area in which you live.

Your back yard can be a showstopper! When in doubt, look towards heritage gardens in your community. Local gardeners tend to be kind and generous with clippings and corms. Allow yourself to sit in the space and think about what you’d like to do to beautify it. Pretty soon, you’ll know what use will be perfect for your family’s needs!

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