A nice and welcoming bathroom is the dream of every homeowner. And part of keeping a beautiful and welcoming bathroom is keeping it clean. As anyone who has cleaned a bathroom can say, cleaning and maintaining that standard isn’t easy. But cleaning your bathroom doesn’t have to be as hard as it is, if you know how to plan correctly. Here are three simple ways that you can make your bathroom easier to clean.

Add Ventilation

One of the reasons cleaning a bathroom is so difficult is because bathrooms tend to be very humid places, thanks to showering with very hot water. This extra humidity means that dirt is hydrated, making it wet and harder to clean. It also allows for the growth of molds if you are not carefully cleaning frequently. According to Applewood Air Conditioning, a great way to make things easier to clean in your bathroom is to increase the ventilation. Installing ceiling fans and vents to help clear the humid air from your bathroom helps to keep the bathroom less humid and therefore easier to clean.

Use Easy-to-Clean Fixtures

Another no-brainer is to use fixtures that are easy to clean. Many people don’t stop to consider the ease of cleaning when considering fixtures to install in their bathrooms, but you can save yourself hundreds of hours in the long term by focusing on easy to clean fixtures, like glass shower doors. Glass shower doors are a very clean and easy to clean option for bathrooms. According to Clearview Frameless Glass and Mirror, you’re less likely to get mold with glass shower doors. Using fixtures and materials like glass doors, glazed ceramic tiles, and brushed nickel faucets in your bathroom is a great way to keep an easy to clean bathroom.

Stay On Top of Cleaning

If you let dirt, mold, and debris pile up before finally getting around to cleaning, you are going to have a much more difficult and lengthy cleaning task than if you do small tasks on a regular basis. Love to Know says when you take care of cleaning tasks as soon as they come up, you prevent any buildup from taking place. When you have major cleaning buildup, you end up with a flooded bathtub from that clogged drain instead of just a small bit of hair to get rid of.

Cleaning bathrooms is no fun. But there are ways to make your bathroom easier to clean and save you precious time and effort. Try these three tips to make your bathroom easy to clean and enjoy all the extra time it buys you.

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