A custom kitchen can be the crown jewel of your custom home. This is especially true because the kitchen tends to be the central area for gathering within a home. When it has been perfectly designed to meet your needs, your kitchen will make your whole home look and feel better. There are many custom options you can choose to make your kitchen perfect, but here are a few of the most essential.

Granite or Quartz Countertops

Countertops are an essential part of every kitchen’s design. Ideally, you want countertops that look great and are easy to maintain. This makes granite or quartz countertops the perfect options for pretty much any kitchen. Both granite and quartz are resistant to staining, which makes them easy options for keeping a kitchen looking good now and in the future. Both of these materials come in a variety of colors and patterns so you can choose an option that fits your personal style. Taking a look at a local supplier can give you a good idea of the options you have available, so you can match your countertops to the needs of your kitchen.

Extra Storage Space

The perfect kitchen will also have enough storage for all of your regular appliances and the things you only use from time to time. Adding an island to your kitchen’s design will give you plenty of extra storage while also adding to your counter space, which is always a plus. Another great option is building a pantry that can give you even more room for storage so that your kitchen is easy to use and keep organized. If you want your kitchen to be as functional as possible it’s important that every item has its very ownspace so cleaning up is simple. Making extra storage a priority will make your kitchen more functional and easier to maintain.

Deep Sinks

Doing the dishes is a necessary evil of homeownership, so you may as well make it as easy as possible. Having deep sinks will make kitchen cleanup much easier while also being aesthetically pleasing. Farmhouse sinks look great and tend to be very deep which makes them a great option to complete your custom kitchen. It’s easier to get the dishes done when the process is more enjoyable, so having your deep sink in front of your kitchen window is a great plus that makes doing the dishes a little more fun.

A Gas Stove

Having a gas stove can give you great consistent heat that will make cooking easier and improve your ability to make temperamental dishes like candies. If you don’t have a gas line already, you will need to install gas hookups in order to set up a gas stove. You can use a gas tank to make things easier instead of pulling a line to your home. Most homeowners will be best served by 120-gallon propane tanks. This tank will give you the fuel you need to run your gas stove.

A Pot Filler

Your kitchen should be designed with functionality in mind, this means not neglecting the small things. Having a pot filler may not seem like the most important detail in the kitchen but it can make a huge difference. Carrying heavy pots around the kitchen is a lot of work and when you are preparing for a giant meal, it can make your life a lot more difficult. Having a pot filler will make things much more convenient and give you the option to fill pots directly on the stovetop. This is especially helpful on holidays and for big family meals, but it also adds a level of convenience to your everyday cooking needs.

Excellent Lighting

Cooking is a lot of work and the desire to make something delicious can come at any time of day. That means that you need excellent lighting in your kitchen so you can make your culinary dreams into a reality. Having great windows in your kitchen will give you natural light during the day and having great light fixtures will give you the light you need to cook at night. Adding in some can lights can provide great ambience while it is also important to have light directly over the stove and sink to make cooking and cleaning easier.

A Breakfast Nook or Bar Seating

The kitchen should be a place where it is easy for your loved ones to gather together. Having built in seating areas like at a bar or in a breakfast nook can make gathering that much easier. Some of the best memories in a home happen around the kitchen, and when your kitchen is built to be a gathering place there is more room to make memories. Consider adding seating at various heights so that children and adults can sit comfortably in your kitchen.

Add a Little Tech

Building a little technology into your kitchen can help to make it a more useful place for you and your family. There are now a variety of smart kitchen appliances that can make your life easier and even improve the efficiency of your home. Modern smart fridges can help you make a grocery list and remind you when you are running out of ingredients. This means that your grocery runs can be much more convenient and if you forget your list at home you can be reminded of what you need by simply checking an app on your phone. Other smart appliances can make your kitchen even more amazing to work in.

Your kitchen should be a refuge within your home that gives you a chance to express yourself and make delicious meals. When you make sure that you design your custom kitchen to meet all of your needs and exceed your expectations it will improve your life and your happiness. The kitchen is a place for spending time with your loved ones and enjoying their company so you may as well put in the effort to make your kitchen into something special.

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