While dreaming about the house the custom home builders Iowa City has are about to construct for your family, you have likely been watching all the home improvement shows. They all are touting the beauty of open concept homes, with designers creating living/dining areas that belong in a magazine. You don’t live on glossy pages. What are the realities of open concept homes?

Keep an Eye on the Little Ones

When the custom home builders in Iowa City are about to create a modest home for you, it’s a great idea! Your kids can be playing in the living room while you are prepping dinner on the kitchen island. Clear sight lines and a lack of walls keep the family in touch all day long.

Entertaining is a Breeze

For holidays and big celebrations, open concept totally rocks. The custom home builders in Iowa City offers can install built-in storage, seating, and vaulted ceilings that encourage large groups to gather in a single space. Your home becomes the one where neighbors come to celebrate all year long.

There is No Quiet Time

Now the down side. You have a high-profile job that demands the majority of your time and attention. You want to come home and be able to find a quiet place to catch a movie while the family runs around at top speed. The open concept available by the custom home builders in Iowa City is not going to help your sanity.

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