House fires happen without warning and are among the most devastating things that can happen to a homeowner. They can strike day or night and can destroy your possessions and your home and they can even kill! In a matter of moments, you can lose everything. It is a terrifying thing to think about and many feel ill-prepared to take control and do not know what to do to prevent house fires. Thankfully, you do not have to face this alone as our team here at Iowa Stonegate Homes is here to help you in your search for the best builders Coralville has to offer. Here are the most important things you can do to make preventing house fires easier for you and your family:

Smoke Detectors

A staggering 60-75% of house-fire related fatalities each year in the United States occur in homes where there was no smoke detectors, detectors that did not work, or smoke detectors that had dead batteries. Checking them once a month and replacing them every 5 years is the easiest way to protect your home and prevent house fires.

Be Alert When Cooking

Cooking can be great fun and offer a chance to enjoy time with friends and family, however, you must always be vigilant! Grease in a pan of something in the oven boiling over can easily catch fire and quickly spread. A terrifying 1 in 10 homes is estimated to have a kitchen fire this year so you must stay vigilant when cooking.

Use Heating Equipment Safely

It is estimated that 15-25% of the house fires that happen each year are caused by misuse of space heaters or faulty heating equipment. Most of these occur when heaters and wood-burning stoves are used incorrectly or flammable materials are too close to the heat source- drapes, rugs, furniture, clothes, etc.

Use Electrical Equipment Safely

According to the National Fire Protection Association , an estimated 47,700 house fires reported to fire departments in the United States were the result of some kind of electrical failure or malfunction that resulted in the ignition (in 2011). Always follow user guides for computers, phones, appliances, and other electronic devices.

Other Tips for Preventing Fires:

  • Never smoke in bed or lounging on the couch or kicking back in the recliner.
  • Burn candles with care, never leave them unattended and keep flammable items away.
  • Never burn candles with items embedded in them and keep children away from them.
  • Store all matches and lighters where children cannot get to them and play with them.
  • Have a fire escape plan and practice it with your family often to be ready.

For more tips and ideas on how to prevent house fires, contact Iowa Stonegate Homes today and let us show you how we can help you and your family safe!

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