Many people contact the best builders Iowa City has to offer and want to build two or even three-story homes. However, a growing number of people are turning to ranch homes. These single-story houses may not seem like much, but they actually provide many benefits that make them worth your consideration.

A Lack Of Stairs

If you have a hard time getting up stairs or don’t want to deal with them, a ranch home is a great choice. Builders in Iowa City in particular suggest this approach for people who are nearing retirement age. Having to go up multiple flights of stairs with bad hips or knees will be a major issue for many.

Less Expensive

Adding multiple stories to a home is often an expensive proposition. It will cost more to build the home and will also require more maintenance, electrical, and heating bills. The best home builders Iowa City has to offer will tell you that ranch homes are more efficient and cost-effective than two-story homes.

Safer For Children

If you have children, a two-story home can be dangerous. That’s because they can easily tumble down stairs or even jump out windows. That simply can’t happen in a ranch house. Your children will definitely be safer in this environment.

Get That Ranch House You Deserve

So if you think a ranch home sounds like a great choice for your needs, contact builders Iowa City to learn more. These professionals can design an incredible ranch house for you and build it quickly and efficiently, saving you money and time.

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