Often, remodeling projects are intended to improve the look or quality of your home. However, they can also be a means for improving the function of your home. Projects that reduce clutter can improve the functionality of your home and give you a clean living space.

Complete Your Basement

If you have an unfinished basement and have been on the fence about completing it, then consider what that finished space could do for you. When a basement is finished, it can become another living space in your home. You can add more storage, create designated places for everything, and simply have more space overall. Finishing your basement will also increase its value and efficiency. In the long run, completing this space will greatly benefit you and you can rely on some extra space to help get you organized.

Remodel Your Garage

The garage in most homes becomes a catch-all for tools, boxes, and other types of storage that simply don’t fit inside the house. Remodeling your garage can give you a chance to actually organize that space and make it useful to you. There are many large scale and small scale projects you can do to improve the space of your garage. To start fresh, you can lay down new flooring or re-paint the walls. You can also add in some shelving along the walls or even lofted on the ceiling. This will give you plenty of space for all your belongings. On a smaller scale, you can get organized within the shelves and other components of your garage. Tool box organizers can reduce clutter in your garage. In the end, you want to be able to give everything in your garage a designated space.

Create More Storage Space

There are lots of little ways to get organized in your home, but remodeling projects can allow you to tackle the bigger problem. There are a lot of areas in the home that are wasted. Adding storage to these spaces can help you to declutter. For example, you can add built-in shelves to an empty wall or you can add more cabinets to your kitchen island. Look around your home and find places that could be turned into more storage.

Clutter can make a home messy and it can even create an unsatisfying living space. There are small ways to declutter, but it’s worth it to take on big projects that will really make a difference. As you remodel, consider ways you can improve the storage and organization in your home.

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