When a company, any company stays in business for over five years that company is considered to be a seasoned business. Seasoned means that the company gained experience, real experience that is wide and varied. This company of prized house builders in North Liberty , know the building industry and treats clients well. No company can survive the years without excellent customer service and other traits such as professionalism, honesty, and affordable prices.

Q. What is this house builders in North Liberty passion?
A. Residential building

Q. What is the educational background of this contractor?
Bachelors Degree in Construction Technology from Indiana State University in 1989. Master’s Degree in Builder program at Northern Illinois University at the same time completed ten years as Vice President of operations.

  • Field Superintendent for an experienced builder and developer in Illinois
  • Managing
  • Budgeting, Land development
  • Customer Service
  • CAD Design
  • Production

Q. When did this owner settle in Iowa?
A. 1999

Q. What brought him to Iowa?
This owner took a position as manager of one of Iowa’s largest home builders, managing the Eastern Division.

  • Led Office Operations
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Home production

This man soon became one of the best house builders in North Liberty has known. He continues to stand on the principles that made his company a success over the last 30-years.

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