The king of all the home renovations is the mighty kitchen renovation. A kitchen renovation is going to completely disrupt your day-to-day life, taking your kitchen out of commission for at least a few weeks and potentially months while the work is completed. Not to mention the high costs commonly associated with a kitchen upgrade. Which is why it is essential to make sure that you make the changes that are the most effective, so that you don’t have to do it all over again later. Here are three things to prioritize when updating your kitchen.


The first thing that you should absolutely prioritize when updating your kitchen is your appliances. Kitchen appliances are among the very first things that future buyers are going to look at when considering your home. Having modern, updated appliances is a major selling point for many homebuyers, especially those that like to cook. Upgrading your appliances will also help bring your kitchen into the modern age by offering the advancements that kitchen technology has to offer. Your appliances will give your kitchen a modern feel while also improving the quality of your cooking and what you are capable of in the kitchen.


The next item to prioritize when updating your kitchen is replacing your outdated fixtures with more modern elements. Adding new fixtures such as cabinets and faucets can make a big difference for your kitchen. The elements may feel like secondary features of your kitchen that you can worry about at the later stages of your kitchen renovation, but they actually play a strong role in setting the mood and tone of your space. Make sure that you aren’t neglecting fixtures in your kitchen renovation, you will regret it if you do.


The final element that you should think about and prioritize when updating your kitchen is the lighting. Lighting in your kitchen is essential as it should both be functional and beautiful. You need to be able to see everything you are cooking, which is why lots of overhead lights are essential. You can also benefit from placing lights under wall mounted cabinets that are over counter space to give even more visibility.

Updating a kitchen is a big renovation project that cannot be taken on without preparation. In order to get the kitchen, you need to know the most important priorities. Focus on these three things and you know the kitchen will be gorgeous.

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