If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught America, it’s exactly how much living space they do and do not need. If you, like many other homeowners, have discovered that your house is a little too small, what options are there for you? Have you considered putting in a finished basement? It might not be a difficult as you think. Especially in a new build, it’s an important consideration to make. Why should you build a finished basement in your home?

Have Additional Living Space

If there’s one thing you need more of right now, it’s space. Time alone is difficult to find. With offices moving into houses, and children working virtually as well, family space is at a premium. Your dining room was simply not designed to house a table, two full offices, and two or three school classrooms at the same time! The additional space offered by a basement, especially one which could be partitioned into individual areas as needed, would be a welcome addition to any home.

Rent It Out

A slightly more profitable option is to rent out a downstairs basement apartment with a separate entrance. Finishing a basement in a small home can cost upwards of several tens of thousands of dollars. However, if offered as a rental monthly, that can be recouped in little time, and then will offer finances back to your family. There are many real estate resources online that can help you learn how to manage tenants if you’re new to it.


If very simply finished, a basement translates into a magnificent, efficient, and close-by storage place for your home goods that are not in use. Especially in areas where extra preparation for winter and natural disasters is a good plan, having extra storage nearby with food and other supplies is critical, and a basement can provide that option. As only a partial basement is required for such an area, the added pace can be used as a recreational room or another gathering area besides, leaving plenty of room for stored and seasonal goods.

Gone are the musty basements of years past! New basements are clean, efficient, and ready to help protect both your goods and family for generations to come. Whether you choose to rent it out to others, need extra space for your family, or storage, a basement is a great option.

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